my escape route

neyvi asked 9 months ago

last night was a weird one, my, what felt like a, nightmare quickly turned in to a dream because of one person.

I was being held in Columbia by the biggest drug lord who also kidnaps and sells woman. I remember being in a room and I was quickly about to make two woman, who worked for this man, my friend and they helped me escape in a way it looked in no way there fault. We ran to there home where i stayed the night. After, i was directed to someone else and almost caught. This drug lord had everyone out for me and the guy who had a car was having doubts in helping me but did anyways.

I ended up at a mall where bad men where all over trying to get me but the mall was filled with people trying to help me and setting traps for the bad men. They were close plenty of times but never caught me. at one point they were just seconds away till the elevator closed. On my way up to a hotel room, i recognized one person.

This one person passed away a few years back but i would feel the warmth as if he was actually here and without sharing any words, i kissed him. i kissed him with so much passion and love, it felt so real and at that point i felt safe. my nightmare became a dream. I got into the hotel where others were waiting for me to change into a nun outfit with others so i was hidden enough to leave without being recognized, and that’s where i got into a black suv with Blake Shelton to head to the airport to his private plane and leave. The weird thing is, i had this dream twice in the same night. First the guy i kissed wasnt there and then he was and i remember saying,”I’m getting another chance””this is a redo”…