My crush stripping me naked in a yacht party

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Sonia asked 4 months ago

I guess this dream took place a month back. I’ve had the most sincere and passionate crush on a famous guy called Gustaf Skarsgård. He’s an actor who is 39 years old.
In my dream, I’m dressed in my best of clothing and I’m attending this yacht party where I’ve been invited by someone I knew from my workplace.

Surprisingly, Gustaf is part of that party and he shows up with his two brothers, Alex and Bill; all three dressed in black suits and crisp white shirts. While the white yacht is standing still and the party commences at morning 10 am, Bill and Alex go about talking to random people on the yacht, while Gustaf takes me in a half secluded corner and begins to strip me.

My mind is calm looking at the deep blue ocean overseeing him, but he directs my vision to look at him, and slowly by slowly he starts taking off all my clothes from my body. Unusually, the rest of the people aboard the yacht don’t give a damn what Gustaf is doing to me as they’re busy talking to one another. Gustaf’s entire attention and focus is on me and mine on him and the people and the ocean at the same time.

What’s strange is that in the dream, I am calm and not minding him stripping me as we are stationed away and aloof from the others. While he completely makes me naked, he starts to take his jacket off too until I wake up.

I woke up due to my urinary bladder being full and I needed to pass my urine. My first reaction upon waking up was that I felt happy and calm. But the next day, I was embarrassed at the prospect of getting naked in front of people when I thought about it during lunchtime. I felt Gustaf had a purposeful intention of embarrassing me but then I shrugged off this negative thought.