My confusion with my boyfriend

Makayla morace asked 4 months ago

So i have a boyfriend of two months he’s sweet and caring and he likes to take me places and i’ve already met his family and he’s met mine we love each other which is why it confused me when i had a dream/nightmare of me falling for my close guy friend we were sitting at the local baseball fields {which is the last place i have seen him in real life} i don’t remember our conversation all i remember is how i felt, i felt like i wanted to be with him and not my boyfriend.

I remember there being a lot of water at one point and a tube where i was having to push the water out somehow and i was outside which made no sense. I then jump scenes and i’m suddenly staring the love of my life in the face and I’m telling him i don’t want to be with him anymore that i want to be with my friend Dylan.

I think i might mention the fact that I and Dylan are not that lost we text like once a month and we go to school together i used to have a crush on him but i haven’t given him a second thought since i have been with my boyfriend.I’m so confused what does this mean someone please help me!!!!