multiple dreams

ishiqa asked 8 months ago

I keep having dreams, some unsettling, some not so much. The first one was that the car im living in was different, it was a really nice Winnebago. When i walked to the back the there was a bathtub full of water so i took a bath. The Winnebago was black inside and outside.  My car is nice, but its not a winnebago.  My car is also black inside and out.

In the second one my friend was driving the car he has under my name. It was his family and me in the car. All of a sudden a cop drives by and he gets scared and starts to hide and makes me crawl to the front and drive the car.  In real life the car he has is under my name and he didnt make the payments on time and messed up my credit.  I also had to make the payment for him a couple times.  His wife was my best friend for a long time amd she is the one who mainly uses the car.  I dont speak to them anymore but the car is still unfortunately under my name.

The third was the i slept with a man that i was in love with but haven’t seen for around 10 years.
The forth one was i went to see a man but we didnt like each other so he left. I was still in his apartment but i started to get along with his roommate and we were talking. When it came time to leave i couldnt find my shoes. There were many shoes but none were mine. Finally right before the guy i came to see was about to return i found a new pair of black shoes and left with those.

My last dream was i went to the movies with the same person i slept with in the third dream and when i put my hand in my pocket his hand was in there too. He then grabbed my hand with his pinky. In real life i have started communicate with this guy again because for some reason i feel attached to him.  I still havent seen him though.