Mountain Lion Attack

Lee asked 1 year ago

I was driving along in a car, some type of SUV. I own a truck so I find it odd that I dreamt of an SUV but that is straying from my concern. I stopped abruptly and noticed a small dog being attacked by a Mountain Lion. I got out without hesitation and got the dog and Mountain Lion.

When it leaped forward to attack me, in the middle of its roar, I caught it by the throat and was holding it in the air and screaming ferociously at it. I scream I didn’t know I even had inside of me. I held my other hand up behind me as if to tell the dog to stay behind me. As the Mountain Lion began trying to swat at me with its huge paws it could never reach me and I would keep screaming each time.

I felt such anger and hostility towards this Mountain Lion and a need to protect the dog. As I threw the lion away from me I picked up the dog and started backing away. The Mountain Lion started pacing back and forth as if trying to figure out what to do. Every now and then it would get ready to pounce on me and I would hold my hand up to it and scream again.

It would make the Mountain Lion cower down, its ears would fold back and it would roar and swat at the air showing me it’s teeth. It did this several times as I kept backing up. I eventually found myself backing up some stairs with the Mountain Lion still following. I reached the top and got inside. I found my Aunt there with her friends and asked if anyone would be willing to take this dog as I explained the situation. Once someone agreed to take the dog I handed it over and went back out to fight the Mountain Lion and get back to my car. The dream ended as I closed the door behind me to head back outside.

I’m not a person that normally remembers dreams so vividly. I remember the feelings, the visual of this Mountain Lion in my hand as it barred its teeth! I’m unclear as to what this means.
Any help of interpretation is truly appreciated.

  • Amity replied 1 year ago

    Have you recently faced a strong-hold in your life? Something that seems or appears relentless, dangerous, threatening? Did you feel you must stand up to something in order to protect a vulnerability, an innocence? Your aunt and other members may represent a support system to that you feel safe to confide in despite fears and vulnerabilities?
    What type of person is your Aunt? Caring, compassionate, supportive, understanding?
    Why did you feel that you must face this threat in your life? It seems your dog might illustrate some aspect of yourself, to be vulnerable, easily attacked, needing protection from outside threats?
    Maybe this mountain lion represents you as well, needing to challenge yourself, your ability to fight, show loyalty, strength and endurance towards the weak parts in yourself.
    Maybe your putting your vulnerabilities behind you to face something that is threatening you.
    Whatever the case, you showed loyalty to something that you love and protect, and took a stance to stand up to something that seems to be ‘outside’ of yourself.
    Going to your car seems to illustrate your need for independence, ability to leave and navigate something on your own.
    The mountain lion showing it’s teeth symbolizes a stance that many mammals take to ward off others. It’s a way to ‘stand-tall’, dominance, aggression, ego. Swatting at you with it’s paw, and charging at you shows reluctance to give-up. Maybe you are seeing characteristics of yourself in the lion, being challenged by feelings of empathy and loyalty? Are you feeling vulnerable in a new relationship? Facing anger or ego-issues that feel threatened by new feelings?

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    Valerie DeMaria answered 1 year ago

    I could be wrong but I think the mountain lion represents FEAR and SELF DOUBT possibly the devil or enemies. The dog represents what you love or maybe family or who you love or the dog could represent loyalty and friendship, maybe even some aspect of yourself. Since you were driving this shows you were in control headed towards reaching all of your plans life goals and aspirations in your journey. No matter what tried to stop you you defeated all obstacles and enemies (which was represented by the mountain lion) and reached your life goals, plans, and aspirations. (which was represented by you reaching the goal of protecting the dog and getting it safe.) I feel like this dream shows that you have inner strength that you aren’t aware of so you need to to believe in yourself more you will be able to become your best version. No matter what tries to stop you it won’t succeed because you will overcome your fears, doubts, and enemies. You believe in yourself so you will accomplish anything that you put your mind to no matter what tries to stop you just tap in to that inner power that hides within it is there and thats what this dream is telling you. This is a good dream 🙂