Missing genitals

Rachel asked 5 months ago

I was about to have relations with an unknown male, he had a golden tan and he was naked, fully, I don’t know if I was.  I was caressing him etc, not to give too much detail but when I went to pay attention to his penis, there wasn’t one! There wasn’t even a lump like a ken doll or anything just a smooth indentation.  I didn’t notice any genitals come to think of it, no balls either.
I then noticed that in that indentation, the skin was blistered and rough, possibly like a shaving rash or some other type of rash, they were raised scabbed, lumps… which I kissed, ew.
(he was around my age at a guess but had no hair on his body,  I feel he had fair hair on his head, like a lions mane type hair).  I didnt feel turned on really, during the dream, it was just what was happening.
I woke briefly, giggled, and said aloud “but he had no penis!” Then I fell back to sleep
Make of that what you will!.  All I could come up with was that I’m off men right now after too many betrayals and I don’t tend to relive myself so perhaps it’s just sexual tension even though I didn’t feel aroused and that perhaps the lack of genitalia is about how I view men currently. My rational mind knows of course that my current view is tainted and a sweeping generalisation but it’s just where I am right now.

So Yeah, attempted fellatio, lumpy rash, golden tan and no genitalia..