Message from boyfriend and Mysterious Cats in Dream

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

So everything started with that, that I had to go to the park for a walk with my friend. It was dark outside already and it was snowing lightly, the ground was covered in snow too. So we went to the park talking about random things and then suddenly when we were in the park already, I got a message from my Boyfriend via ‘Line’ app, it was either our anniversary today or some other celebration I guess.

Since we are in Long Distance Relationship he prepared a surprise for me and it was a short movie of his and my photos and some nice words written on them to tell how much I mean to him and how wish that our relationship would work out. While watching it I teared up a bit, then after watching that movie I texted him back and put down my phone into my pocket again, cause it was cold, I wanted to say something to my friend, but she was gone somewhere. And there suddenly appeared two cats on the snow near by, one of them was more with fluffy greyish fur, other one was much darker with short fur.

The fluffy one was playful she kept playing around and chasing after that dark one which also seemed much older than the first one, plus dark one was angry so she kept attacking and biting the fluffy one’s paws. At one moment that dark cat turned and looked at me strangely and then I woke up, and I actually found a text message from one of my friends.