Man moped

Lillian asked 12 months ago

The dream is as follows:
I am looking around as if in a flea market. I see a red moped. It’s beautiful. Red with black leather seats. It’s large. One unique thing is the back of the passenger is a pure silver metal which looks like a long neck with a man’s head though the eye section is closed. I am in love with this bike. I move on since i cannot afford it nor do i know how to drive a motorized bike ┬áthis. I seem to be happy. Then I’m about to leave and there is the bike again only this time there are two others like it. The two others are black and boring. No man back seat either.
Now I’m curious to show my friend. My man friend whom i have no idea who this is though he is tall and thoughtful like my pastor/friend. I tell him as he looks at the bike that it will tell you to turn right when you should during the GPS mode. He tests it. Sure enough in robotic tone this man looking silver backing is now talking and says You may now turn right.
I know this has something to do with my struggle with staying single or saying yes to companionship. I have no man in mind. I am sometimes lonely but given my past, I’m afraid to ask God to send the companion as i may not be ready for him just yet. May never be.