Lesbian biker dead horses at the pet store and naked photos

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Sierra asked 1 year ago

I can’t  remember  the entire dream but I do remember pieces. I remember being in a pet store looking at ferrets, knowing I didn’t have money. The cashier was a younger male who was obviously  making eyes at me.

He noticed me looking at the ferret and somehow he knew I didn’t have any money. He said he would sell it to me for whatever I had in my pockets but he wouldn’t sell me the cage. I had to decline because I didn’t have enough money for the cage.

But he kept insisting that I take the ferret and started yelling at me and making me uncomfortable so I ran as fast as I could towards the back of the store where the exit was. There was an exit about 5 foot from me at the front of the store and still my legs took me to the rear exit. When I ran through the back exit, it didn’t take me completely outside. I ran into what looked like a slaughter house.

It was filled with horses. 10-15 dead horses hanging by there feet. And I was so scared at that point and being the animal lover that I am didn’t  want to touch them. I had to duck and skid across the floor avoiding the carcasses above me. Screaming and crying running through the shop I finally made it to the exit and I could still feel the cashier behind me and I finally made it outside.

It was dark and deer out and I saw an attractive blonde woman on a Harley motorcycle yelling for me to get on and since it was my only choice I did. I remember  riding through the countryside feeling the breeze in my hair when we made  it to a bathroom. I had to go. And for some reason in my dream I was significantly skinnier. I’m a plus sized girl and I’m in my early 20’s and in my dream I was about 120 lbs and felt great. I felt sexy. And I’ve  been in a relationship with the same guy for 4 years and we are engaged but lately I’ve had the feeling that I want something else.

I know a guy who is way into me and I find myself sexually attracted to him but unable to act on it because of my relationship. But for some reason in my dream I wanted to impress him. I asked the blonde woman if she would photograph me and she agreed on one condition. I get naked.

I was feeling great about myself so I agreed and she she took off most of my clothes and I remember looking in the mirror in the bathroom and she snapped a picture with her phone. I remember feeling so good about how the picture looked and for some reason I didn’t send it yet.  Instead I followed the woman with no specific destination in mind and hopped on her motorcycle and we drove away.

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