Laughing confusion

Sheyenne asked 2 months ago

I had a dream that I was in my room with both of my foster brothers, which is weird because they were not allowed in my room. The younger one was under the bed, I was on the bed and the older brother was next to me.

The youngest grabbed my ankle and I was freaked out so I rolled off the bed and landed in a heap with the older brother. The older one (weirdly) hugged me to bring us both into a sitting position and untangled.

He did not let go and said that there might be some misunderstandings with the situation. I replied with a little laugh and said that it was alright and that there was not. Then we randomly started laughing hysterically. Even the one under the bed. Then my foster mom comes into the room and laughs with us.

I woke up then and expected her to really be there still but I looked around and they were gone. I could feel slight anxiety as I looked around. And I still feel it a little a hour later. I suspect this is because of my haircut that my program has not seen and that is why we were laughing hysterically, because I am nervous. But I’m not sure.