Why do i keep having dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me?

User Dream Bank – Search and ShareCategory: Ex Boyfriend/Lover DreamsWhy do i keep having dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me?
Nicole asked 1 year ago

Hi everyone, so my boyfriend & I are currently taking a break, but we still text & hang out & act like we’re still together, he’s just not ready to be in a relationship again because he has a lot going on right now.

So I previously had a dream about my boyfriend cheating on me with another woman but last night it happened again, him & I recently went to a railroad place & was just checking everything out & exploring. So last night I had a dream with me, him & another woman( i couldn’t picture her face, I feel like I maybe seen her before?

I’m not sure) & we all were in the back of the train, in one of the box links. I turned around & saw them both cuddling together & that’s when I heard the woman tell him that she loves him & he said the same back to her, & I woke up & I feel heartbroken, what could this mean about him??

  • Rebecca replied 1 year ago

    I use to dream about many things that represented my subconscious and actually represented my intuition that I kept ignoring when I was with my last partner. He also ended it with me because he want read for relationship., but did not end his interaction with me, we spoke and saw each other nearly every day. Nothing change in my opinion except his words that we went in relationships but he really loved me..blah blah blah..anyway now I find myself single and pregnant after he wanted to keep our baby. .but realised in the late stage of the pregnancy. .’that it’s best we just ding see each other anymore at all’..so I think you dream represents your intuitive feelings or your subconscious. .but regardless the reality of the situation is what I should have remembered. .YOU DESERVE BETTER.. do not waste years ..months. weeks ..days or another second on someone who does not want to be in relationship with you but wants all the benefits.. Cut emotional and sexual ties and let in the person who will want relationship with yo.

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    Joseph answered 12 months ago

    I guessed there is a lie you have told him (your husband) in the past and the truth has figured out, or you are thinking if this man discovered the truth, won’t he leave you for another woman?
    That is the dream all about, anytime you have that thought within you, you will dream that dream. And it depict that you should call your husband, to inquire from him how you might have offended him, if you offend him, he will tell you, if he said no offence to you, then should there be any deceit in you before or sometimes ago in the past, just beg him and tell him the pure truth.

    Pete answered 10 months ago

    It’s not what it means about him, but about you.  Deep down in you you doubt his integrity/faithfulness.  I guess he means an awful lot to you and you are afraid of losing him.  That’s what the dreams mean.