It rained gold

Leangel R. Advincula asked 1 year ago

Before and after the event happened there were also some happenings but I couldn’t remember them that much. After waking up I assumed that I haven’t dreamed but then I realized this one event.

I was in one place, there were people but not too many and not too small in numbers and there was Yahushua(Jesus) he rained gold on us or maybe on the land, the gold was a liquid gold so it falls like rain. As I have gone to other places but that was near places so I ask my brother and other people that it rained gold and then they replied no or nothing, maybe they didn’t notice it during the time it rained because they are inside their house or maybe it really didn’t rain on their places and it only rained on the place which we are standing.

Other events that I remembered was I checked my bank account maybe after the raining and it shows not much difference maybe because my account was too big.In my waking life, I don’t have that bunch of money since I’m only a student. I believe in God but I don’t believe in religion and I can’t live without God coz I depend on him. I follow God and I fear him for he is the greatest and no one can overcome him.So if you have other questions feel free to email me.

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