Invisible family

Sd asked 11 months ago

I was in a P.E. like class like with one of my old classmates (I’m going to call him Eddy), Eddy was originally partnered with someone I highly disliked but still friendly with (you know the normal teenage girl thing) but she stormed off and he ended up partnering up with me instead. We had to do this race car assignment..? And he was driving and I was in the back seat. Within the assignment, I moved twice.

Our teacher said we would’ve had a good grade if I hadn’t changed the color of the flag I put up. (He liked it better as pink then orange), which was confusing because there wasn’t any flags and all I was doing was sitting in the back seat behind Freddy. Suddenly we were at my house and Freddy let me borrow his paints. I go outside and accidentally mess up the paints.

I end up trying to come up with an excuse to explain what happened because I was scared that he would be mad at me for messing them up. When I was in the driveway a car drove up, but here was only this little girl who looked very unhappy in the back seat. No one else was in the car. I heard a man’s voice say something on the lines of “we’ll have to adopt her she’s not happy here”, and the driver’s seat door opens and the next thing I know I’m jumping the fence and running back instead. Then I woke up.

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