Injection dream

Tony vigil asked 10 months ago

I was very tired today and so i took about an hour long nap. Soon after falling asleep, i started to dream that i was in some kind party situation. I didnt recognize the location but i could tell i was with a group of people whom i didnt know at all.

Apparently we were all getting along because i felt this girl reach down to grab my arm. I felt intoxicated and this girls face was the only one whos face i could see clearly. Anyways as she reached down to grab my hand i felt a sharp pain right in between my knuckles. I assumed it was maybe her nails and she just swung her arm to fast or something. I looked down at my hand and then back up at the girl. Almost instantly, it was like i blinked and i was back home walking down the steps to my basement.

This is when i started feeling very weird. I could feel behind me something very close almost like i had a backpack on. I looked back and from what i could tell they were just very dark shadowy almost human like figures. Just before making it to my kitchen i started to ask for god to protect me. And weirdly enough almost instantly i look back over my shoulder at these shadow people and realize theyre flickering untill they completly disappear.

At this point i may have got a drink of water when i feel another sharp pain again near my knuckles. I look up and the same girl from earlier was there. She asked what was wrong except she didnt tell me out loud i just kinda heard it in my head. I answered her out loud. not really focused on her anymore i start to walk back up my stairs. When i made back up the stairs it was very well lit outside. a sunny day early in the evening. At this point i notice my finger tips are very dark blue, and i dont as energetic.

I find my parents outside and the whole time the girl is still there following me everywhere i went. I ask my parents if they had ever seen anything like this before (fingers turning blue) they said no and reached out for my hand. When my dad touched me he said i was freezing cold. Once he tells me that i could feel my stomach bothering me.

I lift my shirt before i can even look down my dad says your stomach is blue also. He reaches his hand out again to feel and again he says im freezing. Now i could feel the coldness from my stomach but not so much my hands. I tell my dad im starting to feel very cold and week. As my dad calls for the family to get into the truck he now notices that his hands also have blue spots forming. He hurrys everyone in, dad girl mom in front three row seat. In the back sister me and grandma.

My grandma even being there was very weird and not normal. Mom and dad talking back and forth about which hospital is quickest. We are now driving down a decent size street that i didnt recognize. I somehow finally realized that the sharp pains from earlier were actually the girl in the front seat sticking me with a needle of some kind. I can barely speak at this point but i manage to yell out “it was her.”

My dad stops right there in the middle of the street. He asks should we take her out of the car i nod my head yes. this girl was very tall and “big boned” my parents even my elderly grandma gave the girl a push but no luck getting her out. I see she starts fumbling through her purse and seconds later she reaches across to the same hand same spot as before (left hand by knuckles) again she injects me but this time its very different. Everyone seemed to slow down as she reached across the seat to inject me, leaving them powerless to defend me. After she got back comfortable on her seat everything went normal speed now. This time she lets herself out almost jumping over my mom.

The injection this time felt paralyzing, i slumped over onto my grandmas lap getting very sleepy still having a very conscious mind i start to control my breathing trying stay awake for as long as possible. trying to control my breathing is what finally woke me up. I was very shooken up by this dream i couldnt believe it wasnt real but at the same time very relieved.

Now when i woke up i thought to myself for a second without moving from my original position. I noticed that i was my arms were wrapped around me like i was hugging myself.  Still without moving i felt that my left hand right by the knuckles was being pressed on by my right arm elbow. When i woke up i was breathing very hard and very scared as if i werent safe. Without knowing what time it was i get out of the room to look for someone, anyone.