I was shot in the head

Rose asked 1 week ago

I had a dream that I got shot and it was terrifying. It started out like this. I was walking with my friends. I think we were coming back from school because we had our uniforms on. The weird thing is the uniforms were green instead of blue. We were surrounded by beautiful trees and a huge boulder covered in moss.

Then we were grabbed and forced down on the ground behind the boulder. The two boys were shot immediately and then they made my other friend stand up against the boulder. They shot her in the stomach. Then they came over me and held my wrists down. They asked me, “What is the illegal name for a cross!” A virtual screen appeared in front of me.

It had three options – a crucifix, a blue wig, and swimming goggles. I don’t remember the answer I gave. I just remember hearing a shot and them throbbing pain fill my head. The world was flashing in and out and the last thing I did was turn my head and see my dead friend beside me.

His cold horrified face. Then it was black and I could feel myself fading and the last thing I said was God forgive me. Then I woke up. What is terrifying about this is that nearly every dream I’ve ever had has come true.