I had a dream about zeus coming back

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August OHara asked 2 weeks ago

The dream started out quiet and nice, i had random people at my house as well my brother who never came over anymore. I believe I was helping out cutting hair for the random people and one of them came up to me, she had short black hair and wore a black and brown sweater with ducks on it plus a brown skirt and leggings.

She just told me how she loves her hair and then I hugged her, she hugged me back but now everyone in the room was talking about outside, so I looked outside and noticed that it didn’t look like my neighborhood, it still had every detail but it looks like a a desert. Sand everywhere and dead grass. Everyone went outside just to see what was happening, a lot of people wore outside, some where getting in cars and some were holding signs.

Me and girl went up to a small old women, she wore a yellow hawaii shirt with pink flowers all over it. I asked what’s going on and she held the sign closer to me. It looks like an old sign, the red thread made a circle as there was a black figure on top of it running, and in the corner there was the letter z.

I didn’t think anything of it then everyone noticed a big beam of light in the far distance, few of the people from my house quickly went into the car, so does the girl and when I turned back the two boys who were in that group were dressed up as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. One of the them told me to run inside so I did, we all got inside and locked the door. We all went behind my couch then I saw my sister outside, just standing there. Then I woke up, I have no idea what this mean