I am the reason of cheating

Xy asked 1 year ago

I dreamed of a former love ( not lover) he is a teacher. He is a family man even before i knew him. I dreamed that i am in a concert with his son. The concert was being raid. Me and the his son was able to escape through a our old school.

My former love met  us (me and his son) in that school. In a staircase. Then we went to a parlor. In that parlor we found out that her wife is there. My former puts his arm around my shoulder. I didn’t objected. I saw that the wife is reading something about cheating. And had a sharp eyes to me, The wife said, lets go. But my former love said no. We have to go out 1st.  And me and my former went on a date.

P.s. my former love wore a black jacket with a cigar. (Not his image )
Pps. We were once closed.

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