husband marrying another woman

Melissa asked 1 year ago

In my dream, my husband and I are talking about our relationship; finances, family, fun and good memories at a hotel with other family around us.  As we are talking I notice people leaving the area and it is just us two.  I get up to say it is late and need to get to bed for his big day.

He follows me to a room and we end up making love.  Like it was a farewell last night together.  I’m assuming it’s the next day, we (husband and I) meet in front of a door laughing and joking with each other, we open the door and walking together like a normal couple and sit at a table together continue to talk and laugh with one another, people all around us.

I notice a lady sitting yonder watching us and I say, “ahh, don’t you think you should go? (to my husband sitting next to me) I did as much as I could to make sure this day turned out great for you and her.  I’m glad you found someone.

I’ll fix the bank stuff and get back with you.”  He gives me a quizzical look, looks at the lady, and gets upset with me.  He gets up and I can tell he’s mad.  Next thing he is sitting at another table with the lady and gifts all around.  He don’t look happy.

I laugh to myself realizing I need to purchase another vehicle now and I notice some of my friends sitting next to me asking me what happen last night and if I’m ok.  After explaining the entire night to them, I laugh again saying yeah it was a goodbye sex and I glace over to him and I wake up.