Huge bulldogs

Taelor Morgan asked 5 months ago

I was driving and I seem to be in a rush so I did some illegal things.  The police  saw the way I was driving and of course they came behind me and for some reason I didn’t stop.  I continued to drive and speed up a little bit. I pulled up to a destination an quickly got out of my car and I remember my son being with me.

As soon as we got out of my car,  I continued to run but I didn’t see the police .  As I was running I dropped all my things in my hand  and I left my son behind as I was running. I went back to get him.  I stopped running and walked back the other way I came and then I ran into a police officer and she told me that was her in the car.  Quickly apologized an I kept walking fast is if I was in a rush.  The place where I was at people came there to watch Bulldogs play fight.

But these bulldogs wasn’t just any ordinary normal Bulldogs. These Bulldogs looked like the  people that work at the facility injected them, they looked like huge bears!  To be exact the dogs  that was play fighting didn’t really look as big as the ones that was chasing me!  As I was leaving the facility,  I saw the big bear like bulldogs walking out but they were on the other side of the gate but I needed to leave out that gate. They had gotten loose. I tried to hold the gate close so they wouldn’t get in.

My youngest sister appeared in my dream at that point.  As I pulled on the gate so the bulldog wouldn’t get in he easily opened it and we immediately FROZE!  Somehow I was able to get past him and he got my sister and she screamed help me. An I didn’t !! I  ran across the street to the building and went inside and held the door open for my sister, she got away from the bulldog!

She ran across the street  with a group of people that was also running from the huge bulldogs that was chasing them. As my sister got to the door I was screaming come on come on an for some reason she didn’t understand me. She had a scared An frightened look on her face. But she seemed confused.  She finally came in with the group of people. An Inside that building was a lot of people that seemed to be relaxing. An I woke up. I also suffer from extreme anxiety! Please help me.