Gravestones in my Backyard

Madi asked 2 months ago

Since I was young, I’ve always dreamed that at the very back of my yard, just behind our chain link fence, there’s about 15 or so headstones. They’re all old, crooked stone graves, with random names on it. Every single time I’ve dreamed of my backyard, there’s graves just behind the fence. Last night though, after not having dreamed about the graves in my backyard for YEARS.

I dreamt that there was a gravestone just behind the fence, like really close to the fence, almost touching. The others were a little further back, hidden under the forest behind my yard. The gravestone just behind the fence was that of a random woman, and just beside her grave, was my mothers, but instead hers was inside the fence. I remember feeling worried that their coffins would be too close to each other, as underneath the ground, the other ladies coffin would extend next to my mothers.

My mother in real life passed away at the end of last year. It’s been extremely hard, as I’m very young and so was she. We were best friends but I feel like I am doing alright despite this. In my dream there was a woman in my backyard (and maybe a man I think? I can’t remember) and they were visiting the woman beside my mother.

In all the dreams I’ve had about a grave in my backyard, never have I ever seen one so close to my fence, and never has someone come to visit a grave in my dreams. Please interpret this dream for me, as it feels kind of full-circle because now my mothers grave was in our backyard too, but still separate from the others.