A girl I never met outside my house

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Joe asked 1 year ago

I just had a dream about a girl I’ve never met. She was outside my house standing still on the street in the middle of the night. I tried to peak at her through one of my windows but she saw me and ran straight at the front door of my house and started knocking or banging I can’t remember exactly? Then same exact thing happened again, I was somehow peaking at her through the window again, I think I remember this happening about 3 times but she ended up smashing and banging my wooden gate. Then I remember some people came from no where and grabbed her and took her away down the street. Then I went outside and there was a black cat, I think the cat was trying to play with me. I don’t know if it was my cat or not because I have a black cat I was just really confused in the dream. But what makes this weirder, in real life my sisters about to go to a party with her mate, the last time she did this I heard knocking on my bedroom window at 2:15am and that’s obviously not going to be a person because my bedrooms upstairs, u’ll have to get a ladder or climb on he little platform above my front door to the house. If it was a person I would of heard moving outside but I didn’t. There was also baby handprints all over the inside of my window when this happened but I’m not sure if it could of been my niece, but I doubt it very much. Im not scared or anything I’m just really confused so if anyone knows what all this means that’ll be nice thanks