Ghost presence and levitation/floating

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Kgbo asked 12 months ago

I have a ‘dream’ where I know there is a ghost! Sometimes in an attic up stairs with a locked door and sometimes just the feeling it is there but not seen; watching me.  Sometimes I am scared and sometimes I decide to just ‘know’ it’s there.
whenever I have this dream, I have the ability to ‘levitate’ from a standing position.  I am able to easily move around once I’ve got used to the feeling.  It’s as if this power is as a result of the ghost/spirit presence.
The presence never ‘feels’ friendly, but I have never been harmed and as the dream has come and gone over the years it’s as though I just accept the dark presence and get on; the levitation/floating is part of it.
so much so the strong feeling that there’s times in life I’ve truly believed I have the ability to summon the power of levitation at will!
without saying too much I’ve had a stop start career where micro management, face fit culture and disappointment has been the theme.  Always feeling I know I’m better than those who manage me but never getting the shot or the pay rise but getting the higher end work to do without compence.
on a personal level I’m divorced with two offspring.  I’ve live alone with them for 16 years and financially T times it’s been trying.
Relationship wise I have a lovely parner if 11 years but we don’t cohabit.  I’d like to move with the relationship but unfortunately the opportunity isn’t there, though he adores me.
Until only very recently I’ve never had a close friend or family member pass away.
i would like some sort of understanding to this presence and why it ‘makes’ or ‘enables’ me to levitate in this way.  Why am I afraid of it but I have the power to dismiss the fear and just accept?

Thank you