Gate Ending

Sara asked 8 months ago

I only remember the ending of this dream. So, somehow, me, my classmate Silas, and a bunch of people I wasn’t paying attention to were climbing on a black fence. Then all of a sudden, we were actually standing on it like a floor. Then all of a sudden, the fence flipped, and we were all floating were we were when we were standing on the gate. I said, “Wait, this is just a dream?”, and Silas either nodded or said yes. I don’t know why, but I got angry at him and screamed at him in order to hurt his ears, which caused me to wake up.
About my real life, I am 11, Silas is someone everyone in my class likes to tease, especially these to girls named Sarah and Julia. (I mean, my name is Sara too, but it’s different spelling). That fence is identical to a fence in an outdoor gym. Idk what this dreams mean.