Future/friendship dream of hostel

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Abhi asked 12 months ago

I was traveling in Australia.. I came to this new place for work. I stayed in a hostel with three strange people (2 girls one guy) in the same room. We started talking.

I had to leave next day, but I wanted to stay there and hang out with some people.

i couldn’t sleep all night. I got a deep sleep between 3-7:30.
So in my dream, I’m still living in that same hostel with same people. I became good friend with one girl of them. We were kinda a couple. It was my fantasy to be with her in reality because I liked her. But in my dream, i saw my other friends from past with whom I used to live them. So it was all friends in their together.

I was bit popular in that hostel. But suddenly police came to my hostel, and there were charges on me that I burned a whole food shop because o was smoking outside. But in reality, i had a burger, but I didn’t smoke. So my friends and I got freaked out, and I was trying to prove that I didn’t do it.

But the police was ready to arrest me because I was an outsider. I was the only Indian person living there. So yeah the whole dream was very excited in the beginning, but later it was a crime episode.. it was such a strange dream