Ex wants me back and I’m pregnant

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Ed Francis asked 12 months ago

To give the dream context. I went out with my first boyfriend at 15. Puppy love. Lasted six months then we stayed friends as we went to school together.

The ex that was in my dream I went out with from 16-19. He was a big love, but he broke up with me. Three months later he tried to win me back, and I made him work for it.

Wouldn’t bring him to Prom etc. and then we got back together, that lasted nearly a year but I resented him for ruining our relationship in the first place, and it fell apart.

It was three years after that I reconnected with my first boyfriend. Skip to now (7 years later) were married with two children.

It’s hard to recollect the first part of this dream. The parts I do remember are my Ex coming to my house and telling me he’s always loved me and showing me the photos of when we were together to remind him of us. My children were in the house with me, and he kept saying I’m not leaving without you I’ll take on the kids too,  then I look down to my stomach, and I see I’m pregnant.

I’m kissing him and hugging him, and then I remember my husband is due home and he has to leave.

But when I open my front door my husband is there but he doesn’t notice, and my ex-leaves. Some of my friends arrive at the same time, see my ex and know what’s happened. They tell me I should be more careful.
That’s it.