Every Dream Takes Place In House

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Vicki M Patterson asked 2 years ago

Every night I have dreams of me in a house that is old, needing work, unpleasant carpets and walls, needing repair. The houses are always different, but each causes me discomfort and stress as they are old, tired in appearance and nothing I like, or would want to see or be in my life when awake.
I do not feel comforted by these dreams as I like a nice home.

The dreams are not comforting or happy in their nature and I feel unhappy when I think of their various themes. The dreams are depressing and not in any homes I’d ever want to be in. There are people in my past in the homes at times that I miss but no longer talk to me and I miss them very much.

Just don’t understand this nightly theme…I don’t like ugly, tired, dilapidated homes needing repair.
What can it mean it gives me stress in each dream and I so wish it would stop. Been going on for some time. I love the home I recently bought..odd