Drunk ex became a child

Brandi asked 9 months ago

I had a dream last night that I ran into my ex. We split very recently because I let people get to my head and convince me he was playing me when he wasn’t, and I confronted him about it. He says he still likes me but he doesn’t give second chances. I went out for karaoke the night I had this dream and so did he, but in the bar next door. I ended up going into that bar. He waved at me and held a door for me, but wouldn’t speak to me. He left when I went up for karaoke. I left right after and went home and had a dream about him.
In this dream he was beyond drunk. He was wild, couldn’t walk or see straight, kept falling over, etc. A group of people were trying to get him to go home, to tell them where he lived so they could get him there but he wouldn’t listen. In the dream I approached him and asked if he was still angry at me. He said yes. I told him I cut the toxic people from my life and want to give it another chance and tried to kiss him.  He just became wild and drunk again. Finally I said to the group that I knew where he lived and I would walk him home. They asked how I would get home and I said my vehicle is just around the corner, not too far of a walk, but he said I may as well just stay. So I took his hand and we walked together, taking the streets to his house that are in real life, often with me having to tell him where we were because he couldn’t walk to see straight. But as we walked, he became younger. By the time we got to his house, I was no longer walking hand in hand with him, but carrying him like a toddler on my hip.

I can’t figure this dream out for the life of me