Dreamy asked 2 months ago

I keep repeatedly dreaming literally over 5 times this same dream but it keep happening in different ways.so the first time I had this dream I told my boyfriend about the dream and he said that it’s just a dream but he does feel uncomfortable if when he is near her.but I don’t remember if he told me why. ilI’ have to ask again.but the Dream him and my oldest sister has something going on between each other sexual.in the dreams he tells me we been on a thin line than try leaving in his car and I see my sister get in his car with him and he let her,a an go over to car in get her out of it and tell her what are you doing, I think than he try to talk to my sister and say are serious and he leave but than I catch my sister on her phone texting and video calling him and I look and take her phone and I vedio call him back on my phone and ask why are you doing this and I’m in my new room inside the dream very upset because I just out we moved and I’m sharing room’s with my little sister and in the vedio call he is in my old room