I dreamt a rattlesnake ate one of my cats

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Amy asked 3 years ago

Last night I woke myself up freaked out by the dream I was having.  In it, I was in a room that vaguely looked my bedroom from an apartment I had about 30 years ago.  A male figure, upon waking I was uncertain as to identity – possibly ex-husband that I knew when I lived in this apartment, but also equally possible, the man I have been involved with for the past eight years (the cause of the demise of my 20-year relationship with my ex).

This male person was laying on their stomach on one side of the bed with a pillow in the middle, dividing the large bed.  On top of that pillow was a lazily coiled (think loose figure 8) rattlesnake.  In my dream, I was urging him to move off the bed with haste.  He seemed confused as to why and when he moved, the snake gave a warning rattle and shot off the bed and went under a dresser that was on the wall to the side of the bed (similar to set up in my old apartment).

One of my current pet cats (Norwegian Forest Cat that started out like my ex husband’s pet and ended up as mine due to his work travel schedule) went under the dresser after the snake, and we could hear scuffling.  I went to to get one of those assisted reach grabber things that short-armed and disabled folks use to grab stuff off high shelves.

Now, I have never owned one of those things in my life, but in this dream, I used it to grab the snake and pull it ours from under the dresser.  To my horror and shock, the cat was completely inside the snake, but the snake was still skinny with just fluffy cat head sticking out.  I’m freaking out, trying to figure out how to get the cat out safely and she’s looking at me with these big kitty eyes – I feel helpless, and she is begging me to help her, then the snake swallows her head.  Her head re-emerges, wet and sticky and then is swallowed up again – at this point, I’m crying in my dream – screaming at the man to do something and his response is to tell me to leave it – there’s nothing that can be done.

I woke up with tears streaming down my face and my heart pounding so hard it felt like my chest would burst.  I went to find my kitty and snuggle her to reassure me this was just a horrid dream, but I couldn’t go back to sleep, and as I type this, I have been awake 7+ hours, and I’m still completely wigged out and teary-eyed just typing this.

I have always been a dreamer – usually vivid colorful dreams, sometimes foretelling events, sometimes cool and fun adventures, some I have even had recurring over the course of my lifetime.  I used to journal them or call the people I dreamt about just to be sure they were ok, but this has me completely freaked out and any interpretation advice is appreciated.