Dreamt I was my boyfriend’s other woman.

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Megan asked 1 year ago

Okay so before I start it’s important to know that we’re both in our 20’s and M is my boyfriend of six months and I’ve never had any reason to think he’s cheating on me. From time to time I’ll get jealous if he looks at his ex’s Snapchat stories or looks at pretty girls when they walk by, but that’s all. So the dream started out with me knowing there was this deal between M and I. The deal was that even though he had another girlfriend who took priority, he’d still make time for me, the other woman.

I remember knowing that he had a girlfriend but still wanting to be with him anyway so I put up with it. We were at this rocky area on a beach and I could see her, his girlfriend, blonde and pretty, further away on the sandy part of the beach. I felt jealous and uncomfortable knowing she was nearby because I’d rather not know she existed at all, but I put it aside to enjoy my time with him. Later he climbs up this rock to get a better view and has me follow him. I have trouble getting up as it’s really steep even though he was able to get up with ease.

He doesn’t offer to help instead he only asks “Having trouble?” Once I was up I could see that the top of the rock was slanted and precarious to sit on. He seemed to be perfectly calm on the higher end while I was afraid of falling off and hitting the rocks below since I was sitting on the lower end. He had brought up something about his girlfriend and then changed the subject and wanted to have sex with me right there. I backed up a little and told him I’d rather not. That I didn’t like being the other woman and that I didn’t want to see him anymore unless I was the only person he was with. Then I sat quietly for a minute.

I struggled with what I wanted to say and I stopped a few times before asking him ” If… If maybe one day you and her aren’t together and we still have these feelings… Then do you think maybe I could be her?” Meaning that I wanted to be his girlfriend and only me. Some sort of exchange was made and then suddenly he was very angry and throwing rocks and grabbing me when I tried to get away. I became frantic in my attempt to escape even going under water to get away but he was always right behind me about to get me. And that’s where I woke up. I don’t have any idea what this dream could mean, any interpretations are welcome.

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