Dreams of animal attacks

Ava Sutton asked 8 months ago

I dreamt that I was in the middle of an Olympic arena, covered in small hills of snow and ice. I was not presently aware of a crowd, yet I know they were there watching, I looked down and I was holding a device.

It looked similar to a tablet and on it was a terrain map with orange diamonds scattered about it. Curiously, I knew exactly how to use it, even though I don’t recall ever seeing it in my life. I looked up and there just beyond a hill or two she was, a smaller than average Polar Bear.

Running around then straight toward me. Yet there were no snarling or claws. it was almost playful. However, I was scared and teleported to another area of the arena using my device. But there she was again. Running towards me. No anger in her eyes. No sign of any brutality. But this time, something was in her mouth. As she came on I could make it out, and a Polar Bear stuffed animal was hanging by the scruff of its neck just as if it was real.

When she arrived at my foot she held up the stuffed animal for me to take. I held it in my arms lovingly, and the scene disappeared. I was disappointed that I had run away from her at our first encounter when I was aware she was harmless. I vowed that next event with something similar to this I will not run away.