Dreaming of My STBX Husband

Bethany Fountain asked 9 months ago

We were in this room full of people, one particularly a girl I met after the breakup who has been supporting me through the grieving process. He was ranting and raving like a maniac and all the people in the room were very concerned. He then took my cell phone and I followed him outside.

He was showing me on my phone  where another man had messaged me and I was trying to explain that I only talked to him because he told me to move on and didn’t want me anymore. He wouldn’t listen and walked away. After awhile I was in another room and he came walking up to me and said he was sorry and he wanted to be together again.

I looked down and saw I was naked but he didn’t seem to notice or care and he took me to another room full of people. As all these people came in I got more and more self conscious and told him I was going to put clothes on at the car. I started changing and noticed a mouse in the car. As it hopped I laughed but soon became horrified when I saw a large rattlesnake also come out and eat it. Bizzare right? What does it mean?