Dreaming of a girlfriend?

Jay asked 1 year ago

Yesterday i was dreaming of a girl, i can\’t remember her face or name at all, but i could remember that she was beautiful, stunning and perfect. I was instantly in love and she was quite into me as well.

Some time passed and we were at a beach. There was a little devil and a little angel on my shoulders. Arguing what i need to do. I ignored them both and went to the girl i loved dear and i hugged her.

She hugged me back as i began licking and kissing her neck gently. Luckily there was no one on the beach but us. And right before we started making love i woke up thanks to someone coming over to repair some stuff in the house. I was upset that i woke up but i wonder, what did it mean? I am single and lonely so perhaps it means i’m not happy in my life? I would love to know.