Dreaming of the same guy over the years

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Eva asked 1 year ago

Hello everyone,
I’m not a person that looks for the meaning of dreams, but there’s a guy that keeps appearing in my dreams throughout the years.
He was a small crush I had in high school, a skater boy, we weren’t friends, barely talked to each other, heck he didn’t even treat me like I existed, he would just make questions once in a while.
I started having these dreams when I was in high school & it was ok because for me he was cute, but 10 years later and he still appears a few times every year.
To me, he’s not a figure of importance I don’t talk or think of him & we don’t have contact since high school but my dreams like him a lot! The dreams are random there was one having sex, sometimes he just appears without reason like in a crowd but the majority as a romantic interest even when I had boyfriends. The stories usually end “bad” we make initial contact, exchange looks, and feelings we can even spend the whole dream together but at the end, something breaks us apart like a star-crossed lovers story.
I don’t have feelings for this person and I think others could fit as the lover in my dreams.
Can he represent something else?

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