Dreaming of my ex boyfriend constantly

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Meshawn Graham asked 1 year ago

This particular dream bothered me because it felt all too real. I was actually a bit somber the next day.

In my dream, I guess I was at my exes mothers house. I don’t know why, but my extended up getting there after me. (Keep in mind, my ex-had a baby on me in real life with another woman) So I walked into his room, and he says very coldly “you can’t be here.” I said, “I’m not even here for you.” I wasn’t; I had been walking through the house passing something out. So the baby’s mother walks in the room with the baby in her arms and aggressively bumps pass me and begins talking smack. I simply said, “I’m not going to fight you with a baby in your arms.”

The part that hurt my feelings is I could feel how cold he was and he allowed me to be disrespected when he is the one that hurt me. He just sat there like I did something wrong. It is disheartening thinking about how in love we were in the beginning to how he is now and then in this dream.