Dreamed of chatting with potential ex

Brian asked 1 year ago

A person I know just graduated from college. At one time, we were really cool, but he became a bully/dick so we aren’t that close. I dreamed I snuck into his graduation party. It was at a Mexican restaurant, but it was kind of open (not reserved)¬†for everyone. I don’t know why I felt like I snuck in. Harry Bellefonte was singing. I tried to talk to the graduate, but he ignored me.

So I found a seat at another table. In walks a girl that I’ve always regretted not talking to because the graduate made fun of her looks. She’s gorgeous now (and was very cute then too). I see her Instagram all the time irl. In the dream, we both ended up sitting at the same table and chatting with a little flirtation. She’s in a committed relationship with a child, and I’m married with a stepchild.

It was so weird. I felt all the feelings of regret from not kissing her when I had the chance back in the day. I’m black and so is my wife. The woman in question is Hispanic and so is the graduate. What does this dream mean?! It’s been really bugging me. I even thought about reaching out to her, but I don’t think that’s a good idea.