Dream with the devil?

Juliette asked 1 year ago

Okay this dream is really weird… so I had a dream I was in a posh room, I looked outside of the window and it was summer but it was also snowing and there were stars, I was in a castle, I opened the door and I saw someone there.

With a golden crown, he said he was the devil and I got scared and pushed past him to run, but the dream just jumped to me being in the room again, he walked to me and said he wasn’t going to hurt me, I told him he’s lying, he said that he wants me to love him, I got even more scared, then I don’t know what happened but I didn’t have my clothes on.

I got really embarrassed, he quickly pushed me on the bed and he said sorry, he was about to you know what but I woke up, ummm what?Edit: I don’t have problems with my “love life” because I don’t have a “love life* I’ve never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, and I’m still a virgin, the closest I got was being kissed on the cheek by my childhood bff who was a boy when I was 6, im also a biiit shy, and a lot of teachers at school have told me that I’m kind of a “doormat”My whole life I never wanted a a love life, I know this is stupid but after this dream I feel as if I can’t ever have sex, be in a relationship, or kiss anyone who is, uhm? Human… i don’t know why, help… and now I don’t even view the devil as evil anymore

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