Dream with snake

Victoria asked 3 years ago

My boyfriend is currently away for a month to a Bible camp, and he doesn’t have his phone, and it’s been four days without him. About three days before he left he told me that he had a dream that he and I were walking and holding hands and something was telling him to let go of me, but he didn’t listen so a snake came from behind him from behind him and killed him. 

He was terrified and felt that we were going to drift apart and it wouldn’t work out. I’m scared also that he might fall for somebody while he’s at the camp even though he says that he loves me and only me and that nothing will happen between him and this girl that he’s known for a year now.  

They met last year at camp and he currently told me before he left that he did have feelings for her a while back but those went away but I’m scared that they might hang out and talk and I keep having reoccurring dreams, and in them he’s ignoring me and texting her and talking to her and catching feelings for her what do these all of these  means. I’ve been having doubts about this relationship, and I’m not sure if I want it but I need help because I keep getting stressed out all the time and I want to be with him because I love him a lot so please respond ASAP … thank you so much