Dream with God?

Naomi asked 1 year ago

I had a dream where I was with god right after a mental breakdown and she was a woman with long, wavy, blonde hair and she had large blue eyes and was wearing a blue gown. She had soft features and we were both kind of floating. I was in a white space, no shadows and I couldn’t touch anything and it seemed endless.

I saw her and I didn’t know she was God at first so I asked her who she was, she didn’t respond but I suddenly knew she was God. (i’m not very religious so this was strange for me) I began to ask her why everything was so awful in the world and why she hadn’t done anything to help fix it and I began to get really angry and frustrated and she floated toward me and touched my hand and I knew everything, it was very strange because I felt like everything in the world was living within me and I was living within it all at once.

I saw flashes of things like leaves and babies and the ocean and stars and all these things and it flashed back to the whiteness and I was silent and she said to me “I am everything you seek, yet everything you fear” and a large black shadow emerged from the white horizon and colourful geometric shapes emerged from it as it moved toward me (they all looked two dimensional and had flat colouring).

It became clearer and looked like a snake. (the geometric shapes emitted from the snake similar to when you put an oily thing in water, the oil moves away from the thing spreading from it, right?) when the snake approached me she said “through me, you die and are reborn” and the snake consumed me. I was in complete darkness for a bit and then slowly, glowing white dots began to appear around me, increasing in the speed in which they appeared until I realised I was floating through space. she told me many more ‘truths’ and I was sucked in and out of different places through transitions similar to the one described but the rest of my dream gets quite hazy after that.

throughout the dream, I felt very overwhelmed and at the same time nothing at all, and when I woke up I didn’t feel anything, I was just kind of in awe and confused
She also said something along the lines of “everything you know to be real and true is part of one whole force” and things like “I am everything “