Dream that is making me rethink my relationship

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Shayla Sullivan asked 1 year ago

So a couple months ago i had a dream that my bf cheated on me…i walked into his mansion house (not his actual house because this was a house ive never seen in my real life before) and this house was surrounded by trees on a hill, but had other houses next to it.

Anyways i walk into him cheating with this really trashy brunette and I’m blonde btw
and then some how i found out that he had two one night stands back to back both girls brunette…

Then i had another dream of him living in a house except a different house and he ended up throwing a party at this new house, but didn’t invite me. I show up and he’s cheating with this brunette girl in ho wasn’t so trashy

Anyways i haven’t had a dream like this in a while, since Jan and Feb…but last night i had a dream that i found out he cheated on me through these two woman, both brunette and trashy, girls who look like drug addicts and with a lot of piercings
so i asked the girls when this occurred and they said either in January and February
and that’s all i remember
these dreams weren’t too vivid i just remember what occurred…