Dream that the restaurant I work at caught on fire

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Angela asked 1 year ago

I work at an Italian restaurant in last night I had a dream that there were a lot of customers both inside the restaurant and outside on the patio. I am a cook there and it was night time there when all the employees in the kitchen noticed there was a fire and one or two people started to put it out but it would not go out even with any fire extinguisher.

I stayed outside and assisted getting people out of the building. The owner sent all the employees home and waited for the fire truck to get there. It may seem like a normal dream but this is the part where it gets strange. As I’m getting in my car and leaving work it is still nighttime.

But as I’m making my way home it is daylight and I am driving up these extremely high heels that are as tall as skyscrapers so basically I was flying in my car to make it over the skyscrapers but each time I did it without a problem. To me the only meaning I can make out of this is that it was an emotion of overcoming fear, as I’ve had to overcome a lot of fears in my life, especially from being in the military. This was a very Vivid dream last night that I still remembered well when I woke up.