I had a dream where I had a partner/ was in a relationship

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Lee asked 11 months ago

Last night, I had a dream that I was in a relationship.
Somehow, it was integrated into an actual dream but in a way that made it seem like an actual relationship. I don’t remember who the significant other was, their gender, name or anything- they just seemed to be this loving figure and I honestly felt like I loved them.
I have had times where I’ve wished I were in a relationship but usually my dreams about having one are sexual and no feelings are there.
The dream felt so real and featured my everyday life that I can’t help but wonder what it meant.
I remember pastel/light colours, flower petals and a relaxed kind of feeling. Everything was slow and I was living in the moment and for once nothing else seemed to matter but that person. The weird part for me is that today, as the dream was last night, I’ve felt so happy and blissful and almost lovesick?
What does this dream mean considering a relationship has never really been a priority or must-have for me?

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