Dream about my old girlfriend

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C asked 1 year ago

So in my dream there is a woman I know about 10 years ago I bumped in to her and we talked for a while then I went to my parents home and she followed me there we went in side as I tried to find something for her then remembered it was at my house so on are way out I introduced her to my father then left and we went to my house where it was just me living there my roommates were out and my long time girlfriend was gone now I am 35 and my girlfriend is 69.

I have been thinking a great deal about wanting to find someone close to my age and start a family back to the dream I ask the Jessica if she would like a drink she said yes I offer her soda wine or beer she picks the beer so I get two out then we go outside by the pool she says the water looks beautiful and dips her foot it and says the water feels good she then pushes me in which I grab her and pull her in with me when we come back up above the water we laughed and then shared a kiss then I woke up