Dream of my relative

Angelika asked 12 months ago

My dream starts out outside my house again, except my cousin was still lost in the air vent. In the dream the night before my cousin wanted to get my shoe that I dropped in the vent. So she went in and never came out. In the dream I had recently, my brother and I were still looking for her. I went around and looked at the other side and saw that my shoe was there in another way to get in. Grabbed my shoe, called her name through the vent, but no answer. My brother decides to look underneath the house, it was all dusty, with a few items and a dog bed. I told my brother to stop looking under there. Back to when I grabbed my shoe in the other open way, I felt a little bit of fear looking down the vent because it was dark and lonely. And I felt concerned for my cousin when I woke up.