Dream of losing my son of a heart attack

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Josie Torres asked 1 year ago

I dreamed my son was having a heart attack . We were at the DR. office it was old and gloomy room with one old lady as a receptionist. Who tells me there is only one Dr.in today and he had his last patient and he was leaving . To take him to emergency. As he falls to the floor with his hands crossed pressing his chest in pain I ran inside looking and screaming for help.

Opening doors findings walls and in last room I see the Dr. with a lady patient.He tells me she is his last patient. I tell him he his having a heart attack The Dr. did not move. My son is sitting on a chair holding two ziplock with papers and medical Ins. his and his wife. I took his ziplock with his papers and walk out of office to find my self talking with a old coworkers, leaving his insurance in that office.

Then going back to the Dr. office seeing my son in pain I’m screaming and told the receptionist to call 911 she acted as if I did not exist. I woke up frantically crying and with a anxiety attack. Called my son and my three daughters to make sure they were all right. It is 2:02 pm 12/26/16 I still remember this nightmare clearly and I thank the LORD it was just a nightmare a dream. Still being so vivid would like to know if there is a meaning? The deep pain in my heart was so real and the feeling of losing him and not being able to help him was horrific. The feeling of being desperate and helpless it was so real I was devastated .

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glen answered 1 year ago

You are aware of your son’s spiritual condition and realize that there is something wrong with his heart in the spiritual sense. ┬áHe and his wife are believers, yet there is something wrong with his spiritual heart.
However you are overwhelmingly confused regarding the apathy of those in leadership at your current place of worship, even after you have made decisions to help your son.
Briefly, you returned to some believers with whom you were associated in the past, but then were once again overwhelmed with apathy from the newer leadership.
This is a call to pray over direction concerning the current place of worship…as well as your son’s spiritual condition.

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