Dream that I kissed a girl I know at school (I’m a girl)

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Christy asked 1 year ago

Okay so um I guess lets start from the beginning. So I am almost 16 and I’m a theatre kid. (that may be important but you know) so in my class the majority of the class is female including me. I think there are 3 or 4 guys in the class. So we work on projects a lot and there’s this female and we work on projects a lot together. We usually get to pick our partners so we work together. For the past week I have been having different scenarios in dreams where me and the female friend and I were together… and were kissing and stuff but it’s not a sex dream or anything like that. Usually in the dream nothing bad is happening, we are both smiling and happy. Also you probably get this a lot but teens are questioning there sexuality. And yes I’m am questioning my sexuality but not acting on it or anything and I think I’m straight. But I’ve had this dream so many times now that maybe it’s trying to tell me something I don’t want to admit like I am gay? Hopefully that is enough information, do you think that I possibly is gay and just don’t want to accept it?

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