Dream Involving high tides, beach camping, ex gf

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Daniel Rolf asked 2 years ago

I’ve had some pretty vivid reoccurring dreams about a particular ex girlfriend of mine, dating back 3 years ago. We ended up splitting 2 years ago as some unhealthy habits of mine started to get in the way of one another, but I just can’t help think she’s the one that got away, and these dreams don’t help one bit either.Whenever I do dream about her, it is always seeing her for the first time in quite awhile as I notice I\’m insanely nervous to see her/speak to her.

For some reason though, once we get to talking we always end up getting shut down somehow, someway. For instance, we’ve been in her old car before, driving on an extremely curved road and as we got to talking about what went wrong, she lost control of the car and we crashed into a wall, boom I wake up. Or we’ve seen each other at a book club and as we begin to talk, the club decides to play a game where everyone has to be silent. These dreams have been bugging hell out of me.

Which takes me to this morning. The most vivid I think I’ve dreamt about her in almost 3 years. Side note; we fell in love while we were road tripping across the USA and when we split a year later I was determined to become a backpacker so that I’d win her back with a trip on trail. So keep that in mind as I explain. Here’s the dream: I was walking back from the Oceano Dunes in Pismo beach where I had set up camp earlier in the day and I had quite the jovial spirit about me, but as I was walking back to camp, I saw her. My ex. Cooking over our small fire and looking just as I remember her. What was weird was I didn’t feel as though she was with me when I was walking to camp (I felt alone) but when I arrived it felt sooo normal that she was there with me.

Nothing seemed strained, nor awkward, no “catching up” just her and I again. The night was filled with laughter and love and it felt so good to have her back, I genuinely felt as though I had her back. Sun sets, stars come out, we both retire to bed but I remember our tent being pretty close to the tide, wasn’t extremely worried but it was in the back of my mind. The night continues. All of a sudden I hear the waves and the tide coming in pretty close, I choose to break the spooning going on with the ex to check and see if the tide is too high, it is. I let her continue to sleep as I start packing up our things to avoid getting wet and washing away, the tide is now coming in faster and stronger.

I’ve got everything packed up and now all I have to do is wake her and let her know we’ve got to move the tent back so as we don’t get hit by the tide and get wet. She won’t wake up, she’s alive and breathing and mumbling but she’s tired and won’t get up. I let her know the water is going to hit the tent and we’ve got to move so we don’t end up wet and cold, she rolls over to continue sleeping. The tide has now made its way to the tent and its splashing against the mesh, sneaking its way in the tent and under. Now the waves are really coming in, and she still has yet to wake up, so I grab her and carry her to the softer sand where the waves cannot reach. As I’m carrying her up the beach, the waves behind me are now surfable and gaining force. The tent gets swept away by the tide.

As I lay her down and she wakes up I run to go get the tent and when I look back to make sure my ex is okay she’s gone. Absolutely gone. Disappeared. Like she was never there. No trace of her anywhere and as I start to panic and worry, boom I wake up. Wide eyed.If anyone can get something out of this, holy crap that would be much appreciated. I’m lost. I’ve dreamed about her so much, tried to even decipher the most vivid ones to see if they mean anything good or bad, and now all I can say is I’m lost. I want to know if I can’t stop dreaming about her because she\’s the one, and might return later in life, or is it because I never felt the closure from her breaking up with me like I should have? Is this all just random dream thought that I shouldn’t look into, or by God should I take something from all these vivid ass dreams about her. Anything will help, really. Happy dreamin!