Dream I was going to Marry Someone Else

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iamanon asked 2 years ago

I just woke up a few minutes ago and had this weird dream where I was going to marry someone else and not my boyfriend.

In the dream, I was still in a relationship with my boyfriend who is my boyfriend in real life, yet I was preparing to get married—the dress, the gown, the place where event took place, with someone (I completely see the person’s face, but didn’t recognize him at all) as my family helps me with it.

My family seems to love him, yet I didn’t. In the dream, I was pretending to be happy around him when my family was with us. I was afraid to tell my boyfriend about it, so I kept silent. Though, in the dream, I was very unwilling and rebellious to get married to the unknown person.

I was hoping that my boyfriend graduates immediately and marries me instead, that I am willing to wait for him to finish. Just that, it was already too late. I was going to get married the next week, and my boyfriend has two more years to graduate.

When I woke up, all I feel is sad and emotional. I was scared to leave and scared with the thoughts of getting married to someone else and not my boyfriend. Probably because I am too in love with my boyfriend, but I don’t know what does it means.