Dream ex partner fell from great height into my bed next to me

User Dream Bank – Search and ShareCategory: Ex Boyfriend/Lover DreamsDream ex partner fell from great height into my bed next to me
Ree asked 8 months ago

I broke up from ex nearly 6 months ago and had a very vivid dream a couple of nights ago that I was asleep in my bed but could see way up into the sky above, someone falling towards me as I lay in my bed.

As the person got closer I realised it was my ex. As he hit the bed he landed on the side he used to sleep on. And as he landed his body collided partially with mine on my left, I was on my back. The weird part being I felt my bed shake & the impact of his body landing & partially colliding into my me which was the most hardest part of the dream to process. It felt so real I woke up in shock & a small amount of pain from the collision impact,  until I realised it was a dream.

Then I felt pity for him & wonder as to why he landed in my bed, why it felt so real & where he came from out of the sky…

I have tried to look up dream interpretations for this but mainly found – to dream of a lover means it could be ones self. But how could it be me if I clearly saw & felt myself laying in the bed. (I did wonder if it was his possible attempt at astral travelling).
Any tips would be appreciated