Dream that my boyfriend started hanging out with someone else

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Sky asked 12 months ago

So a few months ago, I started dating my best friend. Before that, we had known each other for almost three years before we both confessed our feelings. I have had lots of good dreams about him, I have had more dreams about him than any person I know. But yesterday I had a bad dream about him. I had a dream that he started hanging around with another woman.

In the dream, they spent a lot of alone time together. I just sit there and listened to him talk about her. It hurt so bad. Then I woke up. Its been hurting me ever since, and it has made me worry a lot.

I trust him, I’ve known him for years. But I have bad anxiety and depression; I don’t have any friends. I’m so scared something like that would happen too. It might just be my insecurities, but the thing is that in the past I have had dreams that told me of the future.

For example, i had an ex once, and I dreamt he didn’t want to be with me, and we ended up breaking up. (Looking back on it, it was a good thing) And I also had a bad dream of a bad phobia of something I would rather not talk about. It happened in real life. I’m very insecure and full of anxiety and depression.

Never have I gone such lengths for a person before. But he is my best friend that I’ve known for years. I have never cared about someone this much. I love him. This has been killing me the past few days. I cried a bunch yesterday. I trust him in just so scared. I’m scared it will come true. Somebody, please, help me.